Re: GOP standards were higher than DEM standards

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Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 19:34:39 MDT

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> Loree Thomas <> Re: GOP standards were higher than DEM standards extropians@extropy.orgReply-To:
>--- Robert Coyote <> wrote:
>> re:. Republicans don't believe
>> > >in more government regulation.
>> But . Republicans don't believe in less government
>> regulation either.
>My belief also, Robert
>They believe in different government regulations...
>My sense of economics meshes better with Republican
>values (but not completely).
>My sense of moral values meshes better with the
>Democrats (again, not completely).
>Since the economic policies of both parties are more
>similar than their moral values... and as both make
>serious efforts to legislate their moral values into
>law, I tend to vote Democrat when ever there is no
>Libertarian candidate.
It can be well and truly caricatured that while Democrats attempt to build tax and regulatory offices in one's workplace, Republicans attempt to build fundamentalist temples in one's bedroom.
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