Re: Vicious Hormones

From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 13:57:39 MDT

--- KPJ <> wrote:

> Point: The chemical testosterone generates certain
> bodily changes, while oesterogene generates certain
> other changes. But bodily changes do not disappear
> with the chemicals unless surgically removed.

Of course.

But receiving estrogen from an external source
actually cause the body's natural regulation system to
suppress testosterone production... so those
characteristics that require a continuous high level
of testosterone (such as coarse upper body hair, male
pattern baldness and high sex drive) can and do

> A body which generates testosterone and which
> receives oesterogene from an external source, will
> show both male and female details.

True... eventually.

But changes do take time, they are not instantaneous.
At the early stages, some changes are "in process"
such that if the supporting hormone is withdrawn, the
process not only doesn't complete, but reverses back
to the original condition. Still other
characteristics are, as I mentioned above based, on a
continuous high level of one or the other sex hormone.
 So they manifest depending upon the relative levels
of the two in your body.

> A body without
> either will show neither.

Ah... A body with neither will die quickly.

Also all bodies already have both...

MY point (in answer to the question asked) was that it
was possible for a male to experience some of the
emotional and mental differences associated with
having an estrogen dominate system with a low risk of
long term effects... as long as it was for a short
enough time period (3-6 months).


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