Re: CASTING, was: Re: Interesting Essay on Heinlein's 'Rational Anarchy'

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 13:49:41 MDT

> do it, I just think that Ving Rhames doesn't have the hair.

Hair? Where is there anything about hair?

> Wyoming is a
> bit taller than Jolien, IMHO, perhaps Geena Davis or whassername from
> Pretty Woman...

If they could make Gomez Addams tall, they can make Wyoh short. :P

I just want to see her do the lo-gee walk in her disguise. I think she and Rhames would make a cute couple.

Oh, heck, cast Billy-Bob Thornton in blackface. That'll bring responses.

MMB, flagrantly out of line here.

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