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Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 11:21:24 MDT

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>I can't help but comment on this, because it seems very un-extropian:

Yes, *that* aspect of my philosophy is very un-extropian. OTOH, I am
a signed up cryonicist who very much favors virtually almost all forms
of biological experimentation. So I guess there is some overlap but
not a total overlap. I subscribe to this list b/c there are very few
lists whose participants in the main want a chance to live forever. I
subscribe to all such lists. This is one...

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>> Ultimately, we need to take back control of our lands and our
>> repective First World govt's. The citizenry rightfully own and
>> these lands. In the end, it will only get worse unless we have a
>> bunch of leaders, and take back control of our govts. I suggest
>> technology as a means of control. Instrumentation and monitoring is
>> what we need. Cameras, etc.... Also, massive constitutional
>> in the USA, and similar measures in Europe.]
>It seems to me that more free immigration, rather than more
restrictions on
>the movement of people, is consistent with the Extropian Principles.

I am in favor of those things that favor me, Randy, getting a shot at
living forever. One of those things that does not, IMO, favor me,
Randy, living forever, is the importation of a whole butt-load of
superstitious, uneducated third world peasants into my country, who
will subsequently have an average of 6 kids, all of whose minds said
peasants will fill with copies of the same superstitious nonsense that
fills their own brains. They will *probably* turn my country into a
copy of their own, purposefully or otherwise. You may say that such a
course would not be in their own favor, but why would you apply such
logic? Such matters are hardly controllable.

All the while, I am in the LN2 filled dewar. What would be my chances
of ever emerging from the dewar, were such dewar in a world filled
only with third world countries?

>Extropians see people as a positive thing, and are intent on "growing
>pie" of over-all wealth, rather than trying to make state-enforced
>that exclude participation in it.

Extropianism has some great ideas, and some poor ideas. See above....

>While I'm at it, may I inquire how intentional your nom de plume is?

Completely. Tiberius Gracchus was a populist. He in a sense
acknowledged that Rome belonged to the citizen-soldiers who created
it/defended it/carved it out, etc..

 And he sought to pay dividends to those owners.

I claim that this country belongs to its citizens, and that there
exist benefits deriving from citizenship (such as the right to work
here) belonging to the citizens solely.

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