AFRICA: Blaine Harden article in NYT Magazine

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Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 21:08:22 MDT

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
The article I list below is worth a read. It documents the
mess the Congo has been left in, partially due to U.S.
involvement in the area's politics during the cold war.
It also documents the problems the Greens can create
as corporations rush to cover their backs and how those
actions end up impact negatively on really destitute.
Finally it points out what happens when irresponsible
people are allowed easy access to guns.
Provides an interesting supporting image for the points
that Mark Miller made at Extro5 regarding how societies
fail for the lack of a "trustable system" around them.
Blaine Harden, "A Black Mud From Africa Helps Power the New Economy"
New York TImes (12 Aug 2001). URL:


This article was great!  Blaine Harden rarely disappoints in his coverage of Africa.  He wrote my favorite book on post-colonial Africa, "Africa: Dispatches From a Fragile Continent".  Unfortunately it's out of print and hard to find.



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