Re: hydroponics and agricultural robots

From: Mike Linksvayer (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 19:02:28 MDT

On Sun, Aug 12, 2001 at 01:55:20PM -0500, Barbara Lamar wrote:
> I think I've mentioned on this list before that my ideal house would contain
> a garden room capable of providing for most of the nutritional needs of the
> occupants while recycling metabolic by-products as well as other organic
> waste. Here's an interesting invention that's a step in the direction of
> making this possible.

Full URL for the otherwise hard-to-find article:

Since the article, published in September, 1999 said product would
be available in a year, I looked for product, and found:

No indication of price or availability though. Seems like at this
point it would be best suited to a commercial establishment that
does a high volume of lettuce sales (Organitech says they're looking
into using the system for growing other vegetables).

Apparently the company has no actual sales yet:

Still, very promising. I'd also like to attain partial food
household autarky and minimize waste and work, even in a rather
cramped city apartment. "No Farms, No Food" type bumper stickers
have always annoyed me.

I can't say I've made much progress -- just windowsill herbs and
composting. My next related project will be sprouting. I aspire
to an automatic system like this eventually:

  Mike Linksvayer

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