Re: "Exodus from Africa"

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 15:40:01 MDT

Randy Smith wrote:
> >From: "J. R. Molloy" > > Little wonder, then, that the European
> Commission, the executive body
> > > of the 15-nation European Union, has said zero-immigration
> policies
> > > are out of step with reality and declared: "Our aim is to open as
> > > large a debate as possible on immigration and asylum."
> > > <<<
> > >
> > >
> > > [Translation: our aim is to .... hit em hard with more blackmail
> and
> > > propanganda!]
> >
> >Does "blackmail" include reparations schemes?
> In some respect, yes, I suppose it does. The problem is that blacks
> were not really compensated for slavery. And let me tell you
> somthing--they resent it, many of them. I have in the past, and still
> am, in some respects, been in close proximity ot many blacks. They as
> a rule do not like white people.
> As Burch pointed out, they never got their 40 acres and a mule (in
> most cases).

I'd dispute this. I've researched and found many accounts that are
online of people who got their 40 acres and a mule. The thing is that
all minor children who were slaves at the time the war ended never got
40 acres unless they were the oldest who inherited it from their father.
Additionally, the 40 acres and a mule in reparations only applied to
those who were adult male slaves in Confederate States, at the time the
end of the War. Previously freed and/or escaped slaves were not included
under the original reparations act, much in the way of people who void a
warranty by opening the case of their electronic device.....

I'd bet that a majority of the blacks in the US never received their 40
acres and a mule during reconstruction because they were not adult males
who were still enslaved in Confederate states.

There WAS a problem with local law enforcement in Confederate states
taking back the land of freed slaves in seizure actions to pay for
debts, real or fabricated, to white people, particularly farm
provisioners like general stores, etc. With local whites instituting
local gun control laws to prevent black farmers from having their
property seized, and Union occupation officers reporting on a number of
firefights resulting, this was the impetus for the congressional
Reconstruction Committee to institute the 14th amendment and refuse to
readmit any state that didn't ratify that amendment.

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