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Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 20:05:57 MDT

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>High tech still a magnet to low tech areas.
>Thousands of Africans have abandoned their homes in search of a better life in
>Europe. Jean-Pierre Chevenement, the former French interior minister, said Europe will need 50 million to 75 million immigrants during the next 50 years to fill jobs.

The propaganda in this CNN article is hilarious. Let us examine it,
shall we?

In Italy there were eight workers to every pensioner in the 1950s.
There are less than four today and, without immigration, that number
will dwindle to 1.5 by 2050.

[The govt's have turned the social security systems into a ponzi
scheme. The rich uns keep bringing in more human cattle for their
First World ranchlands, and the logic outlined above
can only end up in ruin for us all! What happens when all these
imported cattle get old?
The rich uns blackmail the citizenry by threatening their social
security, and ultimately there will be no First World--the graphs
don't lie!

What happened to the funds set aside years ago for their old age? What
happened to the interest on those accrued funds.
This is nothing but scaremongering ,and ultimately, blackmail....]

Little wonder, then, that the European Commission, the executive body
of the 15-nation European Union, has said zero-immigration policies
are out of step with reality and declared: "Our aim is to open as
large a debate as possible on immigration and asylum."

[Translation: our aim is to .... hit em hard with more blackmail and

The EU is seeking agreement on a more unified immigration and asylum
policy by the end of 2001. But the politics of the issue are
potentially explosive, and politicians in most European countries have
done little to prepare their citizens for the changes to come.

[Translation: the rich uns haven't yet paid the media enough for
sufficient blackmail and propaganda....

Ultimately, we need to take back control of our lands and our
repective First World govt's. The citizenry rightfully own and control
these lands. In the end, it will only get worse unless we have a
bunch of leaders, and take back control of our govts. I suggest
technology as a means of control. Instrumentation and monitoring is
what we need. Cameras, etc.... Also, massive constitutional amendments
in the USA, and similar measures in Europe.]

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