Re: The World's Fastest Political Quiz

From: Felix Ungman (
Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 16:18:45 MDT

on 2001-08-11 17.17, Mike Lorrey at wrote:
> I frankly oppose living near individuals who think its fine to outsource
> their self-defense needs. Outsourcing ones self defense is the FIRST and
> greatest step to serfdom. If your right to life is inalienable, the
> responsibility for the individual to defend that life themselves is
> similarly inalienable. Delegation of self-defense is enslavement. This
> is the most important ethic of libertarianism, which many overlook. They
> think 'ooooh, self-ownership is great', but think that the
> responsibilities entailed can be subcontracted. Not so.

I'm puzzled by this. I'm not sure what's bad with delegation, certainly not
independence, as you still need to rely on your local weapon dealer. True,
government monopolies tend to produce inefficient or bad service, and surely
the police force is probably no exception. But in a free market, you would
be able to delegate wisely.


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