Re: vicious hormonism

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 05:21:47 MDT

Spike Jones wrote:

> What I *would* like to do is be able to *see* the world thru
> a woman's eyes. Just for one week. If I were to devour a
> handful of birth control pills, would I learn what it feels like
> to have PMS? Would I see more colors? Would I lose the
> urge to click thru all the channels and would I lose the urge
> play the air-guitar every time I hear Mark Knoffler?

Uh, that would be fairly dangerous to your sex life as it takes
a while for a guy to recover normal potency after such. No,
estrogen wouldn't tell you what PMS is like. Although varying
the 'mones properly would give you part of it without the
physical discomforts. Would colors be more vibrant. Commonly,
for many, somewhat. I know too many channel surfing guitar mad
women to think the last two will happen. :)

> > If you are interested in experiencing the emotional
> > and mental changes caused by an estrogen dominate
> > endocrine system as opposed to a testosterone one, you
> > CAN do that experiment relatively safely and cheaply.
> And reversibly? Would I lose my sex drive temporarily?
> I dont care if I get sterile, especially if it is reversible.
> Obviously I would not want to lose the old sex drive tho.
> My notion is that I would be a better companion for
> my chosen female wife, if I could only understand what
> she is seeing.

Some are impotent pretty quickly from estrogen. Some recover
fully quickly. Some not so quick. Some not completely. Some
not at all. It depends on dose and duration and the pwerson.

> Observation: for some reason which I have never
> understood, women seem to grok men's feelings
> better than men grok women's feelings. Loree, someone
> who has been both may have a unique insight on this.
> Anyone else is welcome to comment on this observation.
> Does it ring true to you? I figure if I gave myself a dose
> of estrogen, I could be as empathetic as she is.

Once I transitioned a decade ago, actually when I had been
taking estrogen a few months, I certainly noticed my heart
opening and that I understood more fully a much wider range of
emotions and states of being of people around me. I had always
been somewhere in-between the stereotypes even before transition
but that all opened much more fully on hormones.

I would really not recommend a dose of estrogen for this for the
limited purposes you are pursuing. It is not a really quick
thing and there are potential side-effects you don't want. To
really know would require stepping into that state of being for
a while imho.

- samantha

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