RE: FWD (TLCB) The Death of TCP/IP - Why the Age of Internet Innocence is Over

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 23:06:31 MDT

> Unix variants require superuser status to gain access to raw
> sockets (as
> far as I know) and viruses would not have that access. MS
> operating systems
> generally don't have such security in their operating systems
> -- certainly
> WindowsXP won't. Any mad piece of code would have full access to the
> complete power of raw sockets. ("Hey little kiddy, why don't
> you play with
> this nice pretty hand grenade.")
> >Robert Coyote

Looks like I wont be needing to see another line of work soon since I'm a
network security engineer/consultant. Sounds bad for the world, but may be
nice for my checkbook. Go Microsoft! (Is that not pure evil hehe).

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