RE: Philosophy (inching away from Definition of Racism)

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 22:58:57 MDT

> >How can philosophy (the overarching structure of your
> thoughts) not play in
> >the creation of any of your indiviual thoughts? i.e. Your
> decision to wait
> >on the traffic light is influenced by your belief that reality is
> >objective,
> >and that the truck about to smash you is in fact "real". Everything
> >ultimatly comes back down to philosophy, its the base you
> operate from.
> I think you are talking about a person's tacit philosophy or
> crypto-philosophy. Lee is talking about something else - I
> was going to
> write "express philosophy" but this sounds like "very fast
> philosophy". Hope
> you know what I mean.
> Russell

I understand what your saying, but I think you can bring this subconscious
belief system into alignment with your conscious one. Just takes effort and
persistence to retrain the ole neural net ;)

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