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Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 09:55:58 MDT

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>Joe Dees wrote:
>> It's because cops, trivially, exist within cop culture, and identify and socialize with fellow officers more than they do with racial conspecifics, many of whom stigmatize police due to their status as the enforcement arm of what they perceive as unjust
> laws against victimless crimes. Most blacks, similarly, exist in a black culture that most nonblacks do not share. This addresses the issue of black-on-black crime; the criminals committing it are not racists, but, trivially, criminals, exploiting targets of opportunity, and since black criminals move mainly within black cultural circles, most of their targets of opportunity are black.
>However, criminals generally do not target opportunistically. They plan,
>they research, and they avoid areas with significant police presence, or
>where private citizens are known to be well armed.
Some carefully plan; some muggers are not very bright (which is why they are in the field they're in, lacking many choices) and simply skulk around at night and mug when the opportunity presents itself.
>While police generally do avoid minority areas, or at the least tend to
>underserve them, primarily due to a reticence against starting a riot
>every time they arrest a black criminal, it is a fact that gun ownership
>among blacks is lower than among any other minority group, and less than
>a quarter of the level among whites.
That is no longer the case in Pensacola. We have an area know as 'the blocks' or 'black downtown' which is centered around the Belmont-DeVilliers intersection, where blacks by the hundreds and sometimes thousands congregate from midnight until dawn Friday and Saturday nights. I have attended some of these parties, accompanied by a black friend who functioned as a passport. They are raucous, but mostly good-natured, friendly and law-abiding, with a few people who cause problems. After residents complained of loud car stereo and boom box music, property trespass (with urination), and public drug dealing and using, the local constabulary opened up a station on the Belmont-DeVilliers corner, and now patrol the parties with 40 officers. After a few arrests, cries of protest by partiers, and newspaper letters of thanks from residents, things have quieted down considerably. The law-abiding partiers still attend; the troublemakers either don't or they modify their behavior.
>If black criminals target other blacks, they do so specifically because
>they know they have less chance of being caught or shot.
If a criminal wants what another person's got bad enough, they'll try to take it, and if they know that the other person is or is likely to be armed, they'll simply backshoot them, unless they're muggers, but not that hard core, in which case they'll leave them alone. The alternatives get starker as the spectrum of possibilities is reduced.

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