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From: Aina & Bones (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 08:11:30 MDT

Reason wrote:

> So what, in your opinion, are the categorizations beyond
> mere common sense that define where human stops and
> transhuman picks up. I'm curious and I don't have a hard
> and fast answer myself. Or is this art, you'll know it if
> you see it?

The way I would say it is that one transcends the upper limits of
proven human capabilities.

According to that criterion any person having enhanced their body, be
it by genetic manipulation or implanting thingybobs, to a level where
its function or powers exceeds the level of performance which human
bodies have achieved without enhancement is transhuman.

That would mean that in the field of mathematics one would have to
outshine Einstein for example. On the other hand if through the use of
genetic manipulation or whatever a mentally handicapped person has his
or her mental abilities improved to that of a normal person although
s/he may have a whole cluster of computers installed that person would
not be transhuman.

Needless to say the same line of reasoning would hold true for
physical abilities.

Mr. Bones

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