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Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 07:20:27 MDT

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<< And like the phonograph and the holograph there was a suspicion
 that the recording could be recovered. It would certainly require ingenuity,
 but the important thing was that there would be a natural mechanism that
 could eventually be discovered. >>
And that's the intriguing part, is there a natural mechanism for this? I can
only suppose that there is, and will be looking on the cryogenics list for
more info. I may have found one poster who appeared to be physics oriented,
if not actually a physicist, so I will see if anything comes of it.

I am also on the David Deutsch list, which is a lot like Wei Dai's Everything
List-both are very dry, and both are Multiple-World oriented. Even when David
Deutsch posts himself, its a sleeper (zzzz-zzzzz). Multiple World Theories,
as you already know, impose an "immortality" based on "luck" from the
observers' persecutive. What we wind up with (eventually) are observers who
survive sequentially and exist forever. Mitch¹ dies at one in worldline one,
Mitch¹ººººº dies in exponential years. I understand this, but it seems to be
too egocentric and antisensical, in the way the world we live in operates.

As you've already guessed, I am more interested in a Frank Tipler, or really,
Hans Moravec-style re-creation of ourselves, and am suspicious/hopeful, that
there may be a better mechanism for restoring the info properly, rather then
random logical analysis (however wonderful that truly is!).


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