Re: Heresy

From: Aina & Bones (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 06:44:22 MDT

Aina & Bones wrote:

> > Since our instincts and emotions are our driving forces
> > if we insulate ourselves from them or get rid of them
> > what will our motivating force be?

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> None. But we can refine them, turn them from the current
> somewhat oldfashioned survival tools into something that
> promotes human flourishing to a far larger level.

Our existing form of development/refinement is based on meeting
challenges posed by the natural environment and adaptation to change
which is inherent in nature. What alternative does the Transhumanist
movement envisage? What makes the existing setup old fashioned,
bearing in mind that there is constant change and development in
response to the conditions we are confronted with? "Old fashioned"
does not necessarily mean "outmoded".

Assuming that your assumption is that our instinctual setup as well as
perhaps Nature in general is outmoded, upon what evidence do you base
this assumption?

Further; again assuming that our survival tools and capabilities as
formed by Nature should for some reason be supplanted by "something"
different, what is the basis for believing that this would facilitate
a more desirable human condition?

Mr. Bones

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