Re: "Left," "Right" and Rhetoric

Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 01:32:22 MDT

I only wish I was a rich lawyer or a corporate fat cat who sends my kids off
to private school. I should be so lucky :-) On the other hand, the
moralizing media who demands (between their peddling of steel belted radial
tires and deodorant tampons) that we snap to attention, of their litany of
woes, that they constantly bombard us with, wonder why people have become
selective viewers/listeners. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! NPR is no different.

Imagine that I have a pad of paper and on each pad I have written down a
problem or article of interest. You, as the kindly viewer/listener must
resolve these problems or issues. Here, I am starting off, then the next one
here's another one, and another, and another, come on, fix it! Here's
another, and so on, and so forth, have you fixed it yet? How about now?
Here's another, and another, is it fixed yet? Did you solve it? How about
now?...and so naseum.

Hippie Dippyism failed in large part because it had no economic standing,
nothing to support it, that was independent of the national lifestyle. Rudy
Rucker (computer scientist & author) called it "the Bohemian Lifestyle"
referring to the 19th century French vernacular. My point is that not all
became Yuppies, or were Hippies, and that NPR paints with the broadest brush,
and in garish tones-so be careful how they present the world, because in my
opinion NPR is a leftist-liberal crock-pot, and as a former leftist liberal,
let me tell ya, they suck casaba melons.

Neither are all Generation X-er's slackers (I hate that term) or
techno-nerds, or whatever. Journalists are a cynical lot who have less of a
need (most Journalists fit this!) to get their stories done with accuracy,
and perspective, then to have it done Thursday. Stylesheets are now the rage
in all forms of news reporting (words that are always used, phrases etc.), so
the range of independent thinking is always kept limited. Welcome to Orwell
country, a self-imposed censorship-apparently.


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<< Funny, just today (um, or was it yesterday?) I was listening to a show on
NPR about baby boomers. Apparently your sort of idealogical conversion is
endemic among the boomers. The same hippies who once marched on Washington
in protest of racial segregation are now lawyers and corporate fat cats who
send their kids to exclusive (read: all-white) private schools.
 Apparently its a lot harder to be a rich liberal than a poor conservative ;)
 -Zero >>

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