Re: Mensa, was Re: IQ tests

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 23:50:16 MDT

>Samantha Atkins wrote:

>> I've known people with a whole string of nines in their
>> percentile IQ rating.

At 06:54 PM 8/9/01 -0400, Eliezer wrote:

>Then either the IQ test is measuring the wrong factor, or a whole string
>of nines on the normal gaussian distribution is <snip>

Just a small quibble. Empirical IQ differs from the gaussian expectation
(at one end because brains can be damaged in all kinds of horrid ways, at
the other for reasons that might be culturally determined).

Encyclopaedia Britannica, that font of all pre-Google truth, sez:

161-175, normal curve expects 0.0027 of the American population; actually

and elsewhere, that:

175 and up, normal curve: 0.00003, actual 0.0001.


Damien Broderick

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