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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 18:27:48 MDT

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>The Burgess predates RAH's _MiaHM_ by years.
>_Moon_ came out in '66. Burgess' _aCO_ came out in '62.
BTW, a long neglected Burgess book, but one which I consider as good as, and perhaps better than, CO, is THE WANTING SEED, a book about a society with manic depressive mood swings between Augustinian and Pelagian phases.
>Damien has it on the mark:
>The Loonies' talk was a patois of "old lags'"--
>transportees to the prison colony's--native tongues.
>And there were transportees of many nations--any
>country willing to pay the freight, literally, to
>remove people it was not expedient to simply liquidate.
>Contrariwise, IMHO, _Burgess_ *was* implying that the
>Fabian impact on England had reached critical mass.
>Paging Dr Damien: am I 'way off base here?
>stencil wrote:
>> I have to second Lee's implicit criticism of this thesis.
>> Unless there's some correspondence or other record of
>> RAH's motivation, it satisfies Occam's Razor to presume
>> that a reasonable SF writer in the Fifties would envision
>> space development - and its attendant argot - to reflect
>> current Soviet Russian technical ascendancey. What I
>> would support, though, would be the likelihood that RAH
>> was the first to implement this perception, and that he
>> tipped the wink to onfollowers like PourNivelle (the
>> CoDominium) and Burgess's baddiwad droogs (hi, Joe.)
>> stencil sends
>> RKBA!

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