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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 16:32:13 MDT

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From: Samantha Atkins\

>Wouldn't it be better to gather the richness of people's
experience with transhumanism and the various views over time
instead of quibbling over what the word does and does not mean
and who gets to say?<

Do you feel a need to quibble? I don't. I feel a need to express views which should not bother you at all. You express your views very often and often in a hard-nosed fashion. Let it pass, Samantha and enjoy each step of the road of transhumanity. It's all exciting and there will be issues that come and go and the ones of meaning will stick. And folks who disregard another person's thoughts on the circumstances and unimportant might just pick up a few riches along the way.


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