RE: Definition of Racism (without rent-a-riot)

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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 14:56:15 MDT

> Mitchell, Jerry wrote,
> > If National Review isnt unbiased enough for ya, try this.
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> I had already tried a google search and failed to find good
> sources. I
> found a lot of variations and dates for this quote, but could
> not find an
> exact attribution. Everybody seems to quote this, but nobody gives an
> actual citation for where they are copying this quote from.
> However, I was
> eventually able to find these references:
> Jesse Jacks apparently said this at an "Operation PUSH"
> meeting in Chicago
> in 1993.
> Jeff Jacoby quoted this in his November 18, 1999 Boston Globe
> article. He
> says that Jackson made this statement back in 1993. He does
> not give any
> references or clues to track down the source of this quote.
> Mike Royko quoted this in his 1993 column in the Chicago
> Tribune. He quotes
> Jesse Jackson as saying this at a "recent" meeting of
> "Operation PUSH" in
> Chicago. He says he had "run across" this quote, so it is
> not clear if he
> is quoting some other unidentified source.
> Clarence Page quotes this in the Chicago Tribute Jan. 5, 1994 article.
> Other sources give references to the Dec. 17 1993 edition of
> the Wall Street
> Journal.
> All the reports seem to be second hand from
> friend-of-a-friend sources at
> the meeting. I am not sure if there were any reporters or
> direct witnesses
> who quoted this. However, the widespread reports of this in reputable
> newspapers near the time of the incident seem to indicate
> that this was a
> real news story and not an urban legend. I don't know if
> Jesse Jackson
> confirms or denies these reports, but they seem pretty consistent and
> credible.
> I don't have access to the newspaper archives right now, so I
> can't look
> these up directly.
> --
> Harvey Newstrom <> <>

Ok, lets do this while we look for first hand knowledge. Im trying to stay
on topic here and not spawn a "validate what Jesse said" thread. Assume as a
mind game that it was in fact said. Its certainly not beyond the realm of

Would Jesse be a racist? Jesse certainly cant think that whites are
genetically superior, but he is making a discrimination based on race. How
about a white person saying the same thing?

Jerry Mitchell

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