RE: Definition of Racism (without rent-a-riot)

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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 13:40:22 MDT

Mitchell, Jerry wrote,
> If National Review isnt unbiased enough for ya, try this.

I had already tried a google search and failed to find good sources. I
found a lot of variations and dates for this quote, but could not find an
exact attribution. Everybody seems to quote this, but nobody gives an
actual citation for where they are copying this quote from. However, I was
eventually able to find these references:

Jesse Jacks apparently said this at an "Operation PUSH" meeting in Chicago
in 1993.

Jeff Jacoby quoted this in his November 18, 1999 Boston Globe article. He
says that Jackson made this statement back in 1993. He does not give any
references or clues to track down the source of this quote.

Mike Royko quoted this in his 1993 column in the Chicago Tribune. He quotes
Jesse Jackson as saying this at a "recent" meeting of "Operation PUSH" in
Chicago. He says he had "run across" this quote, so it is not clear if he
is quoting some other unidentified source.

Clarence Page quotes this in the Chicago Tribute Jan. 5, 1994 article.

Other sources give references to the Dec. 17 1993 edition of the Wall Street

All the reports seem to be second hand from friend-of-a-friend sources at
the meeting. I am not sure if there were any reporters or direct witnesses
who quoted this. However, the widespread reports of this in reputable
newspapers near the time of the incident seem to indicate that this was a
real news story and not an urban legend. I don't know if Jesse Jackson
confirms or denies these reports, but they seem pretty consistent and

I don't have access to the newspaper archives right now, so I can't look
these up directly.

Harvey Newstrom <> <>

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