RE: Heresy

From: Reason (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 13:32:11 MDT

> >I should also note that my basic viewpoint is that we should be as
> conservative as possible in applying the loaded and powerful word
> "transhuman".<
> And you should be very careful in trying to reinvent terms to
> suit your particular needs and espousing them as a given.

But isn't that exactly what you have done in coining your meaning for
transhuman? After all, the word is a legitimate English construct with
several possible general meanings including "beyond human" or "across all

Language changes constantly. A solid defense of your definition of
transhuman is probably a good meme for the movement in general insofar as
establishing a given cultural meaning (and thereby a basis for expansion and
propagation) goes, but it doesn't have any validity beyond that.


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