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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 10:35:00 MDT

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From: Samantha Atkins

>There are not any transhumans yet but many who aspire to be so.
To so aspire is to aspire for the unseen, to aspire to make a
vision of what can be real. Sometimes some of us mistakenly
think the making real means throwing away almost everything we
cannot measure and treat with technology directly. An
understandable but imho self-defeating development.<

Samantha, I'm only responding because I enjoy reading your posts and your above-statement is not correct. There are many, many transhumans today. Some transhumans are fully aware of their transition, yet some may not be aware of it. Please remember a transhuman is a human in transition from being exclusively a biological being to merging with technology on our way to becoming posthuman. Herein, a person who has any sort of upgrad or inplant is basically a transhuman. For example, while my own upgrade is less obvious than most, I am a transhuman. My mother has a replacement hip and she is a transhuman. According to FM-2030, "Transhumans are a new evolutionary being resulting from the monumental breakthroughs of the late twentieth century," the reference he makes pertains augmentation of the human body through techology. What he did leave out was a psychological transition. (However he expressed his ideology in many of his books.) Those who have upgrades or add-ons are indeed transhuman walking around
and across the world today.

I think what you may be refering to is a "posthuman". There are no posthumans today and we can only imagine what a posthuman will be.


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