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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 14:59:37 MDT

Joe Dees wrote:
> >Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 07:04:20 -0700 (PDT)
> > Brian D Williams <> Re: Tolerance for Dissent on ExtropiansReply-To:
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> >Joe, I welcome anyone checking the archives, your story (1200 e-
> >mails in three days) is a complete fabrication.
> >
> >I went to considerable lengths onetime to post a list demonstrating
> >that there is an existing federal gun control law covering everyone
> >of your objections.
> >
> But no databases to enforce them, such as I proposed (a purchase-prohibited database including violent criminals and the mentally defective and/or deranged), which would make it harder for the irresponsibles more likely to backshoot to obtain the quick
and easy means to committ long-range mass murder, while still preserving the rights of sane and law-abiding citizens to purchase, keep and bear in anonymity (unregistered).

Once again, Joe, you continue to promulgate your lies and propaganda.

There IS in fact, a purchase prohibited database. It is called the
'National Insta-Check System', which is part of the Brady Act. You have,
in fact, been told of its existence innumerable times in the past, which
you persist on ignoring. The fact that you continue to ignore our
pointing this fact out to you is rather indicative of your true

> >
> >You decided to completely ignore this and go off on a rant about
> >gun shows instead.
> >
> Columbine (and the purchase of weapons used in it at a gun show) had a lot to do with the tenor of that time, and sales at gun shows, flea markets and pawn shops should have to go through the same checking and verification procedures that gun shops are
expected to observe; the loophole should be closed. Eve John McCain agrees with this.

Yet there is NO 'loophole'. Anyone who is a dealer must use the
Insta-check system at gun shows, another fact which YOU, as well as
McCain and HCI and AGS and VPC all continue to ignore and lie about in
their, and your, propaganda. The fact that your pronouncements seem to
be verbatim quotes from HCI and VPC websites and ads belies your true

> >
> >You continue to rant, and name call when its been pointed out
> >numerous times this is against list rules.
> >
> And 'socialist', 'collectivist', 'statist', 'pinko', and the rest of the RW club's preferred list of epithets do not qualify, hmmmm?

As ANYONE on this list can attest, it was you who started the whole
sniping fest. I believe that you got all hot under the collar because we
were posting historical facts about how gun control laws are always used
by fascists and other left wing authoritarians when they plan on
enslaving people and committing genocide. If you took our recitation of
these facts to mean we were labeling you as one such, none such labeling
was intended, unless, of course, you really are such a person....
fascists tend to continually lie, ignore the facts, and spout vile
accusations and slander against their opponents as well....

> >
> >Typical Joe Dees tactics. Your actions speak for themselves.
> >
> As have yours and those of your droogz.
> >
> >I saw something interesting in one of your other posts though, you
> >claim to be a former Veteran. Please elaborate, this will be an
> >easy thing to check.
> >
> Done in another post. And were you ever in the military? Howzabout Mikey and the rest of the Flak Pack?

USAF, 1988-1990, Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Technician on
F-15 and F-111D aircraft, among others, in the 318th FIS at McChord AFB
and the 37th EMS at Cannon AFB, also anti-sniper security ajutant on a
few assignments.

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