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From: Joe Dees (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 13:10:41 MDT

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> Mike Lorrey <> Re: The Email Bombing IncidentReply-To:
>Lee Corbin wrote:
>> I am very curious about an historical event in which Joe Dees
>> was the alleged victim of an email campaign. It has become
>> unclear whether there was a "campaign" at all, or whether it
>> was directed at his own personal email address (or a list to
>> which he merely was subscribed), or to what degree people went
>> in order to suppress dissenting views.
>> (I myself would prefer that Mr. Joe Dees tell his story first,
>> if he is so inclined, in non-partisan objective language.)
>> And, if I'm not being insulting towards anyone with these
>> requests (for which I do apologize), I would be very happy
>> if all accounts were free of political partisan content,
>> i.e., that no observer would be capable of determining
>> who was liberal or who was conservative, or whatever.
>> Needless to say, insulting terms like "droogies" or whatever,
>> should be omitted when it's just the facts that should be
>> foremost first.
>Lee, Joe's alleged 'mailbomb campaign' was the same episode which I
>described a few weeks ago, in which both Greg Burch and Max More agreed
>with my recall of events. Where each person Joe disagreed with may have
>sent a few or a few dozen messages, Joe took it upon himself to reply
>repeatedly to EVERY person who posted something about firearms ownership
>he disagreed with, and persisted in slandering each person's sanity,
>criminality, manhood, sexuality, etc. If ANYONE here operated a mailbomb
>campaign, it was Joe, which I think you will find the majority of this
>list in agreement with me on.
It's simple mathematics; when, say, in a coordinated suppression-by-swamping action, six people each send you an average of 200 emails, and you respond to all of them, you have posted 1200 responses. And yes, I did insult people - back. I was excoriated, and responded in kind.

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