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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 12:41:24 MDT

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>--- Mike Lorrey <> wrote:
>> I:
>> a) lost out on an appointment to a military academy
>So did I... West Point. I had the highest SAT scores
>in the State of Washington that year too. It wasn't
>an ethnic minority that got my slot, however, it was
>another white male who just happen to be a better
>student and athlete than me.
>Few slots, many applicants. How do you know an ethnic
>minority got a slot which would have been yours?
>Maybe you lost out because there were simply other
>people more qualified than you?
>> b) lost out on financial aid in college, which was
>> biased to provide
>> more aid to people of the same economic level if
>> they were minorities.
>Did you get your education anyway... despite losing
>out on financial aid? Do you think it's possible that
>some of those black students might not have gotten
>their educations at all if they had lost out?
>> c) am constantly accused of being a
>> racist/sexist/'rich elite' simply
>> because I am a white male.
>I don't think it's simply because you are a white
>male... But more because you say things like "am
>constantly accused of being a racist/sexist/'rich
>elite' simply because I am a white male."
>Like I said, I was a white male... and I never got
>accused of being racist (or sexist, for that matter).
>If you are constantly being accused of being racist,
>maybe you should take a look at your words and
>actions. It isn't just because you are a white male.
>> In my experience, the only lack of opportunity that
>> blacks I've known have had has been produced by
>> their own memetic programming, and not by
>> the system. When you are programmed to expect
>> racism, that is exactly what you will get.
>Racism is caused by the people being discriminated
>against, simply becuase they believe it exists?
>You didn't really just say that, did you?
>Your being discriminated against is real... their's is
>all in their heads?
>Mike... I have no trouble at all believing you are a
>good person who would never engage in overt acts of
>discrimination... but you have deluded yourself if you
>think that blacks bring it all on themselves... and it
>is statements like that which result in you being
>called racist... it has nothing to do with the color
>of your skin.
And he most likely believes that women bring rape upon themselves by not hiding behind chadors...
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