RE: Definition of Racism (was "Vicious Racism")

From: Mitchell, Jerry (3337) (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 10:55:35 MDT

> --- Jerry Mitchell <> wrote:
> > labeled racist (neat trick for a black cop to be
> > racist of blacks).
> Not such a trick at all. Happens constantly.
> Loree

Lets put it this way:

All racists discriminate
All people discriminate
Therefore ALL discriminators are racists

Lets break it down
Don't think I will get any argument that racists discriminate (although its
possible for a racist to not discriminate)
All people discriminate difference between the races (although they focus on
different things, some cultural, some genetic, and some attributes still not
categorized as to genetic or cultural).
The last statement is logical wrong then.

Racists are a subset of discriminators.

This is my point. The black cop using racial profiling COULD think that
blacks are genetically superior to whites, yet still think that
statistically they commit more crime. He would be discriminating... NOT
racist (unless you include discrimination in your definition of racism which
is a circular loop of reasoning).

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