RE: White Male Discrimination

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 01:01:01 MDT

Pat Inniss writes

> But beyond any question of whites being cheated, let us return to the
> position of blacks in colleges. What percentage of college admissions
> are blacks taking? Is there any chance of blacks suddenly becoming
> over-represented in student bodies? I don't think so. You'd probably
> have to enroll twice as many black students before you achieved
> proportionality with the general population.

At the University of California at Berkeley a couple of years back,
Asians constituted 55% of freshman admissions. I do not believe
that the admissions criteria were biased in their favor, nor that in
any way they were the beneficiaries of "positive" discrimination.
Now Asians constitute about 7% of the California population. They
obtained the above level of admission based upon individual achievement/

Therefore, just which group do you think *should* be under-represented?
Or would you prefer that a miracle occur, and that percentages sum to
more than one-hundred? But perhaps, instead, you believe that there
should be an exact quota for each racial division, i.e., the number
of admissions for a particular year should be exactly proportional
to the number of babies that some group was able to grind out in
some preceding year? If you do *not* favor exact quotas, in exact
accordance with general population figures, then I am afraid that
avoiding under-representation of some group is inevitable. If so,
which group should be under-represented? Surely you don't think
that whites alone should be selected against just because they
carry collective guilt for practically all of the evils of the
world (rhetorical question)?


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