Re: Tolerance for Dissent on Extropians

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Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 22:15:51 MDT

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>Loree Thomas wrote:
>> --- James Rogers <> wrote:
>> > From: "Joe Dees" <>
>> > >
>> > > mailbombing you and your droogies inflicted on
>> > this list, and to
>> >
>> >
>> > What the hell are droogies? We've been told
>> > repeatedly that this list has
>> > an infestation of them, but the dictionary can't
>> > find that word.
>> It means "pals" with the implication of "partners in
>> crime". It's from Authur C. Clark's "A Clockwork
>> Orange".
>Note that ACO slang, along with Heinlein's use of russian slang in "The
>Moon is a Harsh Mistress" was part of a general attempt to get SF
>recognised by the leftists who controlled (and generally still do) what
>was accepted as "lit'rature" in the 50's & 60's. The actual terms
>themselves have been traced further back to use as slang in english
>conversation to the Cambridge Commies of the 1930's and their Fellow
>Travellers in the rest of Britain and the US, according to Orwell,
>Chambers, and the Venona Files.
With the subtextual implicational slander that I am a communist or a fellow traveller, which is untrue; I use the word as Burgess used it, to indicate a group of like-minded people who get together to pack-attack those outside their circle of friends, or who disagree with their common views (and they hold most of them in common) in any particular.

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