Re: Vicious Racism

From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 15:00:25 MDT

--- Mike Lorrey <> wrote:
> Loree Thomas wrote:
> >
> > You know... this one has always bugged me. I used
> to
> > be a white male.
> You used to be one? Is there a surgical procedure
> you can get to be
> not-white?

<smile> Not yet... but there is one you can get to be

> >
> Gee, Loree, I don't know your wife at all, so I
> can't make any
> pronouncements, but do you think possibly it may be
> because you are a
> better thinker/worker than she was in the job? How
> did your and her
> evaluations compare?

Thinking we are about the same on... I might have a
slight edge. She has a better education (BA) and as a
worker, she is definitely superior. I am a bit more
creative. All in all things balanced out.

I believe her evaluations were better.

> Did you notice any changes when you became not a
> white male?


But you didn't answer my question. Has your life been
impacted personally by affirmative action (e.g. did
you not get into the school of your choice, loose out
on a job or promotion simply because you were a white

Most men don't recognize male privilege, most whites
don't recognize white privilege. Having been both man
and woman, and having been married to two different
ethnic minorities and lived in ethnically diverse
urban communities most of my life, I have seen both
with my own eyes.

In the 70's, 80's and 90's it's possible that the PC
crowd over did things... but equality of opportunity
for blacks and whites is still mostly a myth white
people tell themselves.


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