Discrimination (was: White Male Discrimination)

From: Brian D Williams (talon57@well.com)
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 13:47:22 MDT

>From: "Olga Bourlin" <fauxever@sprynet.com>

>I know what the issues are and how they are different. I did not
>mention anything about reparations. I was talking about bigotry,
>and how it neither ended with slavery nor magically go away "7
>generations" ago.

You keep infering that we of the present are responsible for the
deeds of the past, that we owe some debt.

>> What about voluntary segregation?

>It's your right to hang around with anyone you want. But public
>schools should not bar children of a certain color from attending.
>And hospitals shouldn't have a policy of barring people of a
>certain color from receiving treatment. And public pools should
>not be for "whites only." Etcetera.

Happens to be the law here.

>Hey, I've read Warren Farrell, myself.

I have no idea who this is, bad assumption.

>Certain biases against men, women, ugly people, short people, fat
>people, poor people (and on and on and on) exist, and those are
>all different subjects in their own right (but cannot BEGIN to
>touch the subject of "white on black" racism that has existed in
>our country).

No, they are not all different subjects, they are the same subject,
and if you want to put an end to it you have to take it all into
consideration, not pick and choose your favorite.

>As to the "any white male can tell you" - all right, let's
>start with the white alpha male currently residing in the White
>(no pun intended) House - can he tell me the terrible trials and
>tribulations he's gone through on his road to recove...eh, I mean,
>on his road to the White House? I wonder. Wouldn't he qualify as
>an "any" male? Any white male, you say, huh? (Get serious!)

I don't know if the president has actually faced any discrimination
for being a white male or any other kind, other than being a
republician, and of course your cheap shot at his former
overindulgence in alcohol.


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