Re: Vicious Racism

From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 11:39:43 MDT

--- Brian D Williams <> wrote:
> In the attempt to correct past and current issues
> about race,
> otherwise well meaning individuals have created new
> ones as any
> white male can tell you.

You know... this one has always bugged me. I used to
be a white male.

I was married to a phillipino female.

She was the major bread winner, I worked part time at
minimum wage jobs and took care of the house and kids.

When the kids were all in school I went back to school
and got an AA in computer info systems.

I went to work for the same company (different
office)as my spouse, doing the same job she'd been
doing for 5 years(Network Admin) at a higher pay (with
no experience.)

2 years later I was promoted over her to a regional

As a white male I heard about reverse discrimination,
but I never experienced it. I heard about the
institutionalization of discrimination against white
males, but it had zero impact on my life.

Instead, I enjoyed white male privilege... in every
social, school and work setting, I was automatically
accorded more respect than women or ethnic minorities
(even by the minorities themselves) simply because I
was a white male.

Years of affirmative action had zero impact on me. I
suspect that no one on this list has been adversely
affected by affirmative action either.

>From a purely theoretical point of view, affirmative
action is discrimination based on race... but from an
eminently practical one, it didn't do enough to level
the playing field.

>From quality of education, through housing, legal and
employment issues, black americans are still routinely
handed the short end of the stick.

Things have improved... and part of the reason they
have improved is programs like affirmative action.

BTW... I scored Libertarian on the worlds shortest
political quiz... the only question I didn't answer
yes was a "maybe" on the minimum wage question.

Libertarian principles make sense to me... but only as
an ongoing system.

How we get from here to there has never been
adequately addressed for me... and one of the major
problems that hasn't been addressed is racism.


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