Re: Tolerance for Dissent on Extropians

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 08:23:44 MDT

From: "Joe Dees" <>

>> Mike Lorrey <>
>>>Joe Dees wrote:
>>> When you get sent 1200 emails in the space of three days
>>>filled with inane comments and bald insults, they are not
>>>playing a quality game, but a quantity game - it's called
>>It's easy to stop Joe: stop sending yourself so much email.

>Do you REALLY want me to go to the archives and do a count of the
>mailbombing you and your droogies inflicted on this list, and to
>which I replied? Practically all my posts were replies to posts
>by your li'l bang-bang gang. Y'all were sending the shitstorm, I
>was just shoveling it back at you.

As usual Joe your story keeps changing, first it was you that
received 1200 hostile emails in three days, now it was supposedly
the list that received such E-mails.

Everyone on this list knows no such event ever occurred.

You've been personally invited to join the exi-freedom list but you
never have, that's because what you would be missing is your

By the way, name-calling is against list rules.....


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