Re: Enoughness, was Re: Vicious Racism

Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 23:03:10 MDT

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<< There was a lot of controversy about this book
 either being racist itself or being about racism itself. There was arguing
 on both sides about whether it was really racist again the Japanese or
 whether it was really truthful about Japanese being racist against
 non-Japanese. This argument occurred in real life about the book, and
 within the book about the fictional case.
 (By the way, I loved this and almost anything written by Michael Crichton!)
Crichton is cool and very prolific. I wonder how he would treat subjects like
what Kurzweil advocates? My guess is he would not endorse cryogenics or
uplaoding till he was absolutely sure it was good for the species (determined
by his own standards). Yes Japanese can be very racist, we nee look no
further then how they have treated their Korean citizens, who are Japanese
Nationals. They are always maligned as criminals-invariably. If we look at
World War 2 and Unit 731-lets just say-NOT GOOD! Crichton got it Wrong from
a purely economic point of view, because Japan suffered a contnuous
stagnation throughout the 1990's, while the US Economy Boomed! Of course,
better to stagnate in Japan then rot in Uganda, but that's another story.


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