Re: Fred Reed - The Dave Barry of Racists

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 12:52:48 MDT

Sean Kenny wrote:
> > > Because in a racist society, black people are more likely to be
> > arrested,
> > > convicted and executed than white people. Black people make up a
> > > disproportionate number of recruits to the US armed forces, am
> > I to assume
> > > that they are more patriotic than the white population?
> >
> > Am I to assume that you think someone makes them enlist at gunpoint?
> It's called irony mate.

So it is. Can you dish it out but not take it?

> > What does that have to do with blacks being convicted more? Nothing,
> > clearly, outside of a lack of avenues of escape from the ghetto. Having
> > been a member of the US armed forces myself, it is partly that, and
> > partly that fewer whites think that risking one's life in the service is
> > worth minimum wage pay and two tiered health care systems with a higher
> > rate of malpractice than the general medical industry, with less legal
> > recourse. I went in for the college money (the GI Bill), which they
> > wound up defrauding me of once I was discharged.
> Boy, you do have a chip on your shoulder.

If being annoyed with the reverse-racism demanded and enforced in this
country for decades by the Dems and their minions that biases against
those of us who are white males not born into wealth a chip, then it's a
chip. Does that make it wrong to have a chip?

> > Whites also don't join the military in similar numbers because whites
> > tend to have a higher respect for higher education than blacks and are
> > better prepared for college than blacks. In the words of black comedian
> > Chris Rock: "Cut the 'racism' bullshit, and get off your ass."
> Well that's intellectual rigour, quoting a comedian.

Quoting a black, college educated, individual who is in full agreement
with my own statements may not be intellectually rigorous, but nothing
you've ever said here can claim that either, and besides, is your
statement illustrating a bias against the intelligence of comedians, or
is it just black ones?

> I'm not going to argue with you any more Mike, because, I've spent many
> years listening to your vitriol and inability to understand the concepts of
> compassion or fairness, and watched many people I've admired on this list
> waste countless hours on you.

More ad hominem completely unsupported by the facts. I fully and
completely understand the concepts of compassion and fairness. This
understanding includes the fact that virtuous behavior is not virtuous
if it is forced on a person. You seem to completely and utterly lack the
understanding of this extremely simple concept, and the virtriol with
which you seem to deny its validity, as well as the countless hours I
and others have wasted on attempting to educate you and others to its
validity shows to me that you are no longer worth wasting my effort on.

> It's like talking to a brick wall - you never
> answer questions directly, you misquote, you take out of context, you set up
> straw men, you come across as rude, bullying and aggressive, you have never
> once been wrong about anything (irony again!).

Prove any of these accusations or retract them. I am agressive against
those who make false accusations against me, as I have a right to be.

Since these postings are utterly without voice content, it is impossible
for my real emotions to be present in my posts, so therefore any 'rude,
bullying and agressive' behavior is entirely within your own mind. Stop
flagellating yourself.

> I'm sorry if this is not how
> you really are in real life and I expect you probably think you're an OK guy
> yourself, but I honestly think as a lurker of longstanding (which you
> doubted in your inimitable way in an earlier post, so as to cast doubt on my
> opinion) this list would benefit from your absence.

If you were the lurker you claim to be, you'd have noticed the times
that I have in fact been absent from the list, and as others who were on
the list during those times have commented to me, the list tends to lose
a significant level of activity that they miss when I'm not here, as
occurs when other people here are absent as well. When I return, a large
number of people welcome me back enthusiastically in public and private.

If my posting is so objectionable to you, why have you been a lurker for
so many years as you claim? Are you just a masochist? I must say that
I've never demanded anyone so rude as yourself to leave the list. Does
that make me a better person than you?

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