Re: why immortality?

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 12:30:13 MDT wrote:
> Given that time and space constitute a unitary spacetime, isn't it
> inconsistent or at best arbitrary for us to want to be temporally infinite
> creatures when we aren't in the least concerned that we are physically
> finite? I mean, imagine a 4-dimensional plot of our lives, with axes w,x,y,z.
> Say w is the time axis. Why should we want the graph to be unbound on that
> axis rather than x or z?

Because we can become infinite on w without crowding out anybody else.
Time exists for each of us independently. On the other hand, we all
must share x, y, and z; for anyone to become infinite in all three of
those would be to immediately eliminate all other life (and all other
matter) in the universe.

Alternately, and perhaps better: once we become unbound in w, we then
have time to figure out what we wish to do with x, y, and z. Time
itself - even a lot of time, like years, centuries, millenia... - is
consumed while we deduce the ultimate best course of action, and we
each have a woefully finite supply just now.

> Actually, I think the above is pretty silly reasoning. Just thought I'd throw
> it out there.

<shrugs> No prob. Many people question why we want immortality, so we
should have answers from a number of perspectives.

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