Re: The World's Fastest Political Quiz

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 11:45:59 MDT

Lee Corbin wrote:
> Russell wrote
> > FWIW, I come out as left-liberal close to the border of being a libertarian.
> Yes, perhaps that's what I would have guessed.
> so I took it again, and was amazed to
> see that I've drifted further toward the libertarian side.
> I hope that others report where they land on the chart.

Solid libertarian, with a little right-leaning:

I said that military service should be mandatory and a maybe on free
immigration. I believe that without significantly large national
professional fulltime (i.e. mercenary) military, that every person
should be equipped and capable of acting in their own defense and that
of the political unit they belong to. A libertarian society mandates
each individual be skilled in military matters, else they are
externalizing their defense costs on others. I believe the quiz, in this
instance, is therefore incorrect.

I also put a maybe on immigration, primarily because I believe that
immigrants from low trust non-libertarian societies must receive some
sort of training to become acclimatized to a high trust society in order
to preserve the high trust quotient of that society they are moving
into. Other than that, I have no problems with free immigration. My
answer of 'maybe', therefore, is in the best long term interests of a
libertarian society.

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