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From: John Grigg (
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 01:44:12 MDT

Doug Skrecky wrote:
If the entire population suddenly acquired ten extra IQ
points, nothing much would change. If the entire population suddenly was gifted with 10 extra common sense points, our society would be transformed overnight.
Bums in the street would vanish, because begging is a harder way to acquire funds, than working a job. Crime would plummet, because in the long run crime usually really doesn't pay. Strife at the office, at home, and at school would be reduced because it is pointless. The economy would boom, everybody would be happy, there would be no more wars, etc, etc.

Is there such a thing as a "common sense" test? lol I think neuropsychologists need to get crackin' on this project!

A friend told me how his dad's C.O. in the Air Force was a supposedly very bright engineer, but this fellow managed to cut off four of his fingers while fixing a lawnmower!

I agree with Robert Bradbury who once wrote how the world would improve greatly if everyone had a fifty point I.Q. boost! To an extent I believe I.Q. and common sense are interlinked. I do think we would still have criminals, who would just be much more devious... And with a 175 I.Q. I could have a chance at really understanding some of the deeper posts around here! :)

I just got done reading Charles Platt's hilarious book, _Freezone_ and loved how one of the characters was a scientist who modified a virus to make everyone on the planet a genius! And it was only sexually transmitted... ;)

Doug Skrecky continues;
The business world knows this. An analog of common sense called Emotional Quotient (EQ) has been found to be correlated with business success, while IQ is not. In the real world nothing can substitute for good sound judgement. Unfortunately some people have it, while others do not.

I realize some people on the list mock the concept of E.Q., but I think it is an extremely valid way of looking at people. It explains why some do so well in life, while others don't.

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