Re: racism & uncomfortable discussions

From: Miriam English (
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 19:32:03 MDT

For the record, it was I who described the racist stuff as puke, and Lee
Corbin who questioned my use such language.


         - Miriam

At 11:16 AM 05/08/2001 -0700, Charles D Hixson wrote:
>On Saturday 04 August 2001 10:49 pm, you wrote:
> > Miriam writes
> >... Puke? Can you honestly defend the use of such language? You
> > know, you are supporting the contention that many liberals
> > (or whatever they're called where you come from) really are
> > less capable of being fair and objective in discussion. (I
> > have not seen enough evidence of that, but you are adding
> > to what evidence there is.)
> >
> >...
> >
> > Lee
>Try it this way:
>Many people are less capable of being fair and objective in
>discussion than others are.
>People tend to ignore slips and incivilities in arguments that
>support their own views, though they notice them eagerly in
>arguments that cast doubt or aspersions on their defended position.
>I don't really think that it matters which side they are on.
> Charles Hixson
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