Sean Kenny's Critique of Mike Lorrey's Posts

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 17:06:50 MDT

Sean Kenny writes

>> Whites also don't join the military in similar numbers because whites
>> tend to have a higher respect for higher education than blacks and are
>> better prepared for college than blacks. In the words of black comedian
>> Chris Rock: "Cut the 'racism' bullshit, and get off your ass."
> Well that's intellectual rigour, quoting a comedian.

This sarcasm is going to turn out to be symptomatic, I fear.
> I'm not going to argue with you any more Mike, because, I've spent many
> years listening to your vitriol and inability to understand the concepts of
> compassion or fairness, and watched many people I've admired on this list
> waste countless hours on you. It's like talking to a brick wall - you never
> answer questions directly, you misquote, you take out of context, you set up
> straw men, you come across as rude, bullying and aggressive, you have never
> once been wrong about anything (irony again!).

Mike Lorrey has written 18 posts in the last three days. I would
appreciate very much if you would back up your claim. I want to
see some examples in those 18 posts of

* vitriol
* never [sic] answering questions directly
* misquoting
* setting up straw men
* coming across as rude or bullying

I am committed to the truth. If you can find instances of those,
and they are, as you imply, quite unambiguous, I will join you
in your assertions. But if you cannot, then I would expect that
in the interests of fair play, you would admit that you had spoken
hastily, and retract your remarks.

It's very simple. Just back up your assertions.

Lee Corbin

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