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> > I hope that others report where they land on the chart.
> Libertarian, leaning towards left-liberal. I suspect many of the
> people on this list will wind up in one of those two (or *maybe*
> centrist).
 I answered "yes" to all of those questions. Does this make me idealistic or
 unrealistic? (Or possibly callous).
 I mean, answering any of those questions with anything other than yes means
 that you believe there are some aspects of life in which people shouldn't be
 allowed to make their own decisions; shouldn't be allowed to rise or fall on
 their own merits. How does preventing this lead to a better society?
 Reason >>"

Re draft: It's not conceivable to you that a war, if won by a particular
side, would lead to a better outcome for humanity than if the other side won,
and that a draft might affect the outcome?

Re free speech: It's not conceivable that public airing of military or
patented information might be bad for humanity? That it might not be in the
best interest of humanity to allow unrestrained libel?

Re borders: It's not conceivable that a completely open Mexico-U.S. border
would lead to a mass exodus from Mexico and might just possibly have some
deleterious effects on one or both countries?

Re minimum wage: It's not conceivable that a repeal of the minimum wage might
cause greater poverty and other unwanted effects (such as more inter-class
strife)? Economics is no science. You ought not be so sure you know with such
assuredness the outcome of tweaking the parameters.

Re foreign aid: It's not coneivable that foreign aid might be better in the
long run for giver and receiver than its absence and that privately funded
foreign aid just might not be sufficient for this betterment?

Isn't it possible that you have allowed laissez faire to become the end in
your mind rather than a means? That you just might be in the grips of an

Josh Cahoon

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