Re: Tolerance for Dissent on Extropians

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Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 19:02:51 MDT

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>> "Lee Corbin" <> <> RE: Tolerance for Dissent on ExtropiansDate: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 15:02:23 -0700
>>Joe Dees scorches
>>> There is, on this list, a roaming pack of socioculturally ludditic
>>> conservatives poorly disguised as libertarians, who routinely practice
>>> collective rugby scrum pile-on attacks on anyone they suspect might have
>>> possibly put forward something possessing the slightest whiff of the items
>>> Michael Wiik enumerates. These are the people who tend to impart a rather
>>> self-contradictory flavor to what is advertized as a forward-looking list, and
>>> are responsible for some progressives feeling that they have to keep their
>>> membership and participation here a 'dirty little secret', and for some others
>>> not tarrying long. Their jihadically intolerant take-no-prisoners blatantly
>>> memebotic scorched-earth warfare pogram has the unfortunate result of skewing
>>> the median, or at least the most vociferously and frequently enunciated,
>>> opinion of this list to a point somewhere between John Birch and William Pierce.
>>Oh for heaven's sake, Joe. In most cases that I've seen, those
>>pile-on "attacks" have merely been *many* people expressing their
>And you don't think these people talk to each other, and each cheer what the others write, and egg
>>each other on? It's like Rush and the Dittoheads here sometimes.

Well said. And sadly, this forum for "advanced thinking" is simply
become like every other forum on the Net --a clique(with a few
exceptions, I suppose...)

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