Re: Fred Reed - The Dave Barry of Racists

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Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 18:02:57 MDT

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> > Think it might have something to do with testosterone?
> Notice that if such a statement were made about a race rather than a
> it would be called racist. Since it is a derogatory comment about one
> that makes it a sexist comment, which is as reprehensible as a racist

Actually, I don't think it's sexist to identify empirically verifiable
differences between the sexes, especially where a clear-cut and testable
causal agent can be identified. In the case of testosterone, the facts are
pretty damned clear:

Those just from the first page of a google search on "testosterone and
violence". There are plenty of other factors that bear on violence; after
all, high-T males aren't all violent criminals. Some are athletes and trial

Greg Burch
Vice-President, Extropy Institute

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