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Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 17:38:26 MDT

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>Al Villalobos wrote,
>> I insted found a summary of that document here:
>> about the racial demographics of crime.
>Do you realize that this is a white supremacist site? Look at the top level
>and click down the areas listed on the left. He has archives with literally
>hundreds if not thousands of articles giving racist views about race, hate
>crimes, immigration, diversity, communism, slavery, Africa, the holocaust,
>Palestine, B'nai B'rith, etc.
>Do you realize that it is a front for a white supremacist organization?
>His "Join Us" link <> lists their
>five goals:
> 1. "White Living Space" <>
> 2. "An Aryan Society" <>
> 3. "A Responsible Government" ("wholly committed to the service of our
>race") <>
> 4. "A New Educational System" ("passing on the European heritage")
> 5. "An Economic Policy Based on Racial Principals"
It's even worse; the National Alliance neonazi organization and National Vanguard, their publishing arm, are owned and run by William Pierce, who wrote and, under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald, published the Tim-McVeigh-and-Bob-Mathews-inspiring TURNER DIARIES, as well as its sequel, HUNTER (National Vanguard published such jewels as SERPENT'S WALK, by Randolph D. Calverhall, as well). He also recently concluded a multimillion dollar deal to take almost total control of the US domestic racist metal and oi! market.
>Do you realize that the article itself was fabricated by another racist
>The New Century Foundation <> has the
>following issues on their home page:
> "Race, Evolution, and Behavior" <>
> "The Color of Crime" <>
> "Frank Borzellieri Speaks the Truth" <>
> "Racial Percentages of the U.S. Population"
> "Racial Profiling" <>
> "Return to the Dark Ages" <>
> "Southern Africa Report" <>
> "Zebra Killings" <>
> "Hal Turner Show on Black Reparations" <>
> "Queen Latifah Show on Racial Profiling"
> "Visit the VDARE site" <>
> "It's Race, Stupid" <>
> "Race Debate Hits Campus" <>
>Are you really trying to present these references as sources of unbiased
>scientific statistics?
>Harvey Newstrom <> <>

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