Re: [isml] Re: Scientists outflanked and outgunned in cloning debate(fwd)

From: Chen Yixiong, Eric (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 17:51:53 MDT

> > I've noticed that not one major scientific group has come out with
> > an "ethical arguement" against cloning (unlike the European
> > scientific community). It's like they believe ethics is just a class
> > in college. Hitler and his Nazi scientists would be proud. Now we can
> > create life AND THEN torture it inhumanly.

The decision to outlaw cloning sets a dangerous precedent about the treatment of related research and shows the power of anti-research groups (which often rely more on their emotions and unfounded dogma than the Cerebrum Cortex to make decisions) to interfere with our lives.

We can imagine how much other valuable research will face moral challenges from these people, and what joy others nations have in taking over leadership and control of such research. They already rejected GM foods, which could allow us to increase food production to meet world demand, as bad and evil because science, following the principles and knowledge of nature, created them instead of nature herself. Despite the overwhelming advantage of research into GM foods, these people dare to risk world hunger by trying to stop them.

Beware extropians, they will come for the AIs, and then the transhumans next. Anything smacking of technology and the "artificial", especially of things once "natural", will surely catch their attention.

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