Re: Extrinsic Extropians?

From: Chen Yixiong, Eric (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 17:33:53 MDT

<< If you have any ideas - a blurb or two - and would be inspired to share with me offlist (or with the rest of the extropes onlist), I would be very grateful. And please let me know if I may quote you, if this article idea ever comes to fruition (in which case I will let you know). >>

The concept of stopping work for a day sounds irrational unless you have frail human bodies (and minds) that need rest ever so often, or if you do work you dislike.

In my opinion, once human society had progressed to the level where everyone can do interesting work (e.g. via automation of mundane activities, see for some ideas) and technology has progressed to at least to a level where cyborgs can exist (so that we can at least compensate for the frailness of the human body), then we no longer need holidays.

You may wish to remember Singularity Day or Independence (from irrationality, hardship, dogma etc) Day, however you don't neccessary need to stop work. For sentiment indulgence (whatever it actually means), you may have Memorial Days instead where everyone has greater awareness of the importance of Singularity and Independence. Eventually, even the concept of days can also crease to exist. We may have another more accurate time-keeping system by then!

Yes, you can quote me in for the contents of this posting.

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