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Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 16:55:56 MDT

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> ... Knowing
> that there is a whole list of people debating these issues presents
> more of an image of lunatic fringe/groupthink, not worthy of rational
> consideration (but worthy of emotional opposition) from their point of
> view.

Adrian, I'm no longer laughing. I have never been to White Supremacist site
until today, after reading:

Al Villalobos wrote,
>> I insted found a summary of that document here:
> >about the racial demographics of crime.


For the record, I found that document, not the website, while googling. I
did not "check" the homepage for racist content (should I have?). I get the
impression from some that virtually anything said by a branded racist is
automatically a lie. Am I now a racist too because I believe *****SOME*****
of the facts stated there to be true?


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