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Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 11:59:34 MDT

This has a good idea in it: World Transhuman Day. It's a nice, easy meme to
propagate -- like the bumper stickers. Every other concept in the world has
a day/month/week devoted to it. It's a sufficiently common governmental
practice that people are familiar with the idea that if something has a
named day devoted to it, there is some backing organization wanting you to
think about something for your own or societal good.

[Although I think I'm more concerned than many around here about getting the
"common people" involved in and backing life extension, technology,
futurism, etc].

World Transhuman Day: think to the future!

Any takers?


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Knowing full well there has to be a marketable "hook," I've been thinking
about submitting an idea for an article, taking, for instance, the
"sentimental," "old-fashioned," "traditional," "romantic," "miraculous" and
"magical time of year" holiday season which usually start popping to
gigantic proportions like corn (before Halloween, the last time I looked),
except maybe enticing the reading public with a look towards a more
inclusive, rational, and even more-"gifted" (better living through
technology) holiday season possible in the future. But maybe that's asking
too much (i.e., asking people to give up their comfortable visions of sugar
plums and all the rest).

Personally, I don't celebrate anything - well, not anything, exactly, but
more on the level of something personal, like my grandson's recent first
birthday. But if there were truly an "ideal" holiday for humans in the
future, how would it look ...? (Transhumans and posthumans could probably
program in their own jollies - no need for extrinsic merriment, ho ho ho.)

If you have any ideas - a blurb or two - and would be inspired to share with
me offlist (or with the rest of the extropes onlist), I would be very
grateful. And please let me know if I may quote you, if this article idea
ever comes to fruition (in which case I will let you know).


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