RE: Fred Reed (also "transhumanist" racialists)

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 11:19:10 MDT

J.R. wrote,
>I think anyone who contends that Fred Reed's spoof was racist is a racist.

I think anyone who contends that this was a spoof is wrong. I took a look
at Fred Reed's site which contains this and other articles in this series.
None of them seem to be spoofs. Although they intend to be humorous, he
seems serious when he attacks liberals, democrats, gays, feminists,
hispanics, blacks, journalists, gun control advocates, welfare recipients,
politicians, Clinton, Gore and others. I do not think he is really spoofing
all these topics in support of the liberal agenda. He really seems to
intend the messages he writes.

His other articles about race appear to be of the same caliber as the
article posted to this list, and they all seem to project the same message.

"Questioning Integration" <>
"Looting in Cincinnati" <>
"Pondering the Underclass" <>
"Blacks, Whites, And Hispanics"
"Race in America" <>
"The Academic Encouragement of Squalor for Other People"
"Keeping Sanchez in His Place"
"Interracial Dating" <>
"The Road to Racial Catastrophe"
"Growing the Underclass" <>
"Letter From a Dead Racist" <>
"David Duke as Black Leader"
"The Confederate Flag and The Eternity of Entitlement"
"Blacks and the Politics of Racial Extortion"
"Blacks and Opportunity" <>
"White Males" <>
"The Histpanification of America"
"Racial Profiling" <>
"The Problem of Race in America"
"Affirmative Action" <>
"The Intelligence of Blacks" <>

Harvey Newstrom <> <>

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